About Liftoff Capital

Liftoff Capital is the new standard in business connections!

By helping entrepreneurs develop their ideas, and matchmaking them to a worldwide network of investors, Liftoff Capital removes the barriers from the investment process. Think of us as a dating site connecting startups with investors.


At Liftoff Capital, we bring the future of business connection to today’s entrepreneurs and investors. If you have a business idea, you are an entrepreneur!


Liftoff Capital began with the simple question - is there an easier way to start a business?

Jake Swan, an Interventional Radiologist in Saint John, New Brunswick, came up against the issue of regional business development when he first explored product development for the biomedical device industry. Having developed a few device concepts, and having examined the existing market and assessed his ideas as potentially profitable, Jake realized that his options were very limited. In the absence of regional biomedical investors and mentors, he was left with two options - pitch his ideas to the big American biomedical companies and hope to develop a relationship with them, or start cold calling Venture Capital firms in California and hope for a savvy investor who could help with the next step.

Jake’s father John, an industrial engineer, had made a living coordinating investors and entrepreneurs in the IT world.

Jake asked his father if it might be possible to take the kind of handshaking coordination that John was doing, and to upscale it to apply to businesses of every type, anywhere in the world.

Peter Oxley, a business owner and medical device representative saw the potential of Liftoff Capital and joined the team, expanding the vision further.

Maksym Bezorudko and his team at Zwebra Web Studio Inc. understood the dream and turned it into reality.

Liftoff Capital was born with the belief that the regional hub system of innovation is past its prime. At Liftoff Capital we know that good ideas can be born anywhere. At Liftoff Capital we believe it’s a real shame that great business ideas have died on the drawing board simply because of the outdated model of regional investment. At Liftoff Capital, we believe we can be the catalyst that makes new business happen, not just in New Brunswick, but in all the other places like New Brunswick where brilliant people have great business ideas, but need a community to support them.

At Liftoff Capital, we mean business!


Liftoff Capital was first conceived when Jake realized that regionalization of expertise was a major barrier to business development. Working in Atlantic Canada, there was very little industry expertise in his field of Interventional Radiology.

After discussing the problem with his father, John, they began to devise a technological solution to the issue.

Peter joined the team and helped expand the vision for what would become Liftoff Capital version 1.0.

Maksym, Sergey, and their team at Zwebra Web Studio Inc. were able to turn the dream into reality.

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