Beverage Craft - A Solution For Bar Owners and Brewers

Beverage Craft - A Solution For Bar Owners and Brewers

Beverage Craft is a Mississauga-based beer-equipment online business that has opened the doors of possibility for bar-owners, restaurateurs, craft-brewers and home-brewers alike.  

Ron, the head of sales, explains "Working at bars, we noticed a problem.  Bar and restaurant owners and managers were having difficulty sourcing beer equipment.  Most of the equipment suppliers were only interested in large accounts, and didn't want to handle smaller orders.  On top of that, local service technicians were often slow to provide help, and would charge high prices for simple requests.

"We decided to open an online store where pub owners could quickly and easily place an order for whatever they needed."

The business escalated from there.  Initially carrying components and small parts for beer systems, Beverage Craft rapidly expanded their online offerings to include large equipment, full bar setups, and home-brewer and enthusiast equipment.  

Ron says this means that home brewers can now purchase restaurant-quality equipment for their tap at home.  

Asked what's next for Beverage Craft, Ron says "We are planning to further expand into home-brewing equipment and supplies.  Home-brewing is a fast-expanding segment, with a variety of products available, from small washers to brewing tanks, to specialty malts, grains and hops.  

For craft-beer enthusiasts and home-brewers, the future is looking suddenly brighter!


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