A list of Canada’s big 5 VC Firms

Getting Investment 2020-11-11
A list of Canada’s big 5 VC Firms

Check out the list of TOP 5 Canadian venture capital companies 2020-2021.

  1. Real Ventures, Montreal, QC. 
    Widely considered one of the best VC firms for early stage start-ups, Real Ventures focuses investment predominantly on disruptive technology.
  2. iNovia, Montreal, QC. 
    Investment is focused on technology and early stage startups.
  3. OMERS Ventures, Toronto, ON.
    One of, if not the single best capitalized VC firm in Canada. More generalized investment portfolio, and capable of making some of the biggest investment deals.
  4. Georgian Partners, Toronto ON.
    Similar capitalization to OMERS, capable of making very large investment deals.
  5. Business Development Bank of Canada, national branches.
    Government owned, BDC does a greater number of business deals than any other VC Firm in the country.

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