How do I Jazz Up my Business's Web Presence?

Growing a Business 2019-09-13
How do I Jazz Up my Business's Web Presence?

You have your website, your Facebook page and your Instagram profile. You're on LinkedIn, and you've mastered Twitter. But can you do better? Here are some tricks for attracting eyeballs to your company:

  • Black and White Photography. Our online-world is awash in artificial color-enhancing filters. And while perfectly color-enhanced photographs generate more interaction in general, don't discount old-school black and white images. They are easier to create without exposure issues. Black and White conveys a sense of seriousness and of classiness, and it can be extremely useful in targeting specific audiences.
  • Helpful Tips. Offering free advice that addresses your audience's pain points is a no-brainer. Even a short, two-line blog can help a new potential customer nod their head in agreement with you.
  • Keep it classy. People love to fight about politics. Make your websites politics free zone. Sure the customers are engaged, but do you really want them fighting like cats and dogs on your business page? Now some web-content is perfectly suited for political discourse. But if you're running a food truck, your website may not be the right place for a pitched political flame-war. To each their own, of course.
  • Ask for reviews. When you have a satisfied customer, ask them for a short review and feature it on their site. Validation is key.

Good luck out there!

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