How Do I Perfect My Pitch Deck?

Getting Investment 2019-09-10
How Do I Perfect My Pitch Deck?

Your pitch deck should be like a chameleon - a chameleon will change and adapt to whatever environment it finds itself in, but at the end of the day, it's still a chameleon.

The rules of pitching vary by event. Perhaps you've sponsored a dinner and you have the podium for twenty minutes. Or maybe you're one of many guests at a two-minutes, two-slides pitch event. Whatever the case, just like in journalism, there is certain information that must make up the core of your story, or pitch. Unlike journalism, however, the priorities of information can be re-organized.

  • What - Name your business, and explain the space you occupy and what goods or service you provide.
  • Why - Right off the bat, address the problem your business can solve. Whether it's the fact that there's no fajita stall at the farmer's market, or that there's too much yaw-control-variability in most satellite launching rockets, this shows potential investors what you're thinking.
  • Who / Where - Give your background, and explain how you've used your expertise to arrive at the conclusion that your business will prosper.
  • When - Give a time frame for expected growth.

Once the essence of your pitch presentation has been fulfilled, the rest is in the details. You can fine tune the details to suit the environment.

Good luck out there!

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