Six Questions for Rivers Corbett of GoForth Garage

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Six Questions for Rivers Corbett of GoForth Garage

Rivers Corbett is in the business of start-ups. As an entrepreneur in Atlantic Canada, you would be hard pressed to find a subsection of the innovation industry that hasn’t been somehow subtly shaped by his input and expertise. 

His venture, GoForth Garage, helps fine tune business process to optimize efficiency, providing his clients an edge in the colossal task of start-up phase survival. 

We had the pleasure of picking his brain.

Q: Tell us about GoForth Garage. What do you guys offer for a startup business? 

A: The failure rate of entrepreneurs hasn't changed in over 20 years. Two reasons exist for that.

  1. Lack of experience
  2. Lack of ongoing coaching

We decided to tackle that challenge straight on by bridging an exclusive strategic alliance between us (coaches) with Canada's gold standard online platform for training entrepreneurs -- GoForth Institute.  With this partnership we are able to claim that 90% of our clients who have completed our programs are still in business two years later. This smashes the national average.

Q: What inspired you to get into the Startup Space?

A: I came back to New Brunswick, many years ago to take over my family business. As exciting as it was I discovered my love wasn't managing business it was starting a business.  Long story short, sold out the family businesses and have been very active in the startup space ever since. Simple answer but true.  First startup was and still is The Chef Group.  We are basically a chef talent agency and one of our major clients is Sobeys whom we do all their cooking classes across Atlantic Canada.

Q: What types of clients are using GoForth Garage? What different services do you offer? 

A: Our ideal client we love working with have the following characteristics

  • Two + years in business
  • Revenue generating
  • Fun to work with
  • Ready to be coached and understand it's a investment with us not an expense
  • Have a business to make an impact.
  • Zag when the rest zig

Q: There’s a lot of buzz right now about “Growth Hacking.” Can you explain what this means and how your approach to “tuning” a business is different?

A: The terminology of growth hacking is based on identifying the optimal ways to grow a business.  Ultimately, finding a formula for growth which is unique to the needs of each entrepreneur's business. I emphasize formula because it really requires trial and error of the options available to grow the business.

At the GoForth Garage...our Tune Up program is unique in that it follows the fundamentals of identifying the 9 key essentials for success in any business, developing a strategy around them with our clients and then spending 4 months with each client fine tuning the tune up.

Q: Do you have any success stories you’d like to share?

A: Appreciate the question and we prefer to keep the details of our clients confidential but in general I am pleased to again emphasize the fact that 90% of our clients are still in business, two years after completing our programs. That's a testament to the deliverables from GoForth Garage.

Q: If you could give one piece of advice to an entrepreneur in a location like ours (Atlantic Canada), what would it be? 

A: That's easy! In my opinion we have one of the best entrepreneur ecosystems on the planet.  You can do it right from here!

oh yes... here's our website:


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