You Are an Investor!

You Are an Investor!

What does it mean to be an Investor?  Do you need to work for a financial institution with a multi-million dollar portfolio? Do you need business connections with Venture Capital firms that feature fountains in the lobbies of their metropolitan skyscrapers?

At Liftoff Capital we know the deeper truth. Almost everyone is already an investor, whether they realize it or not. 

Do you own a home? If yes, you’ve invested in your property. Do you own a musical instrument or a vehicle? Again, these are investments in your portfolio (though most of them don’t provide much return). 

Do you have a savings account, or a pension, or an RRSP or 401k? These are financial investments. But investment goes deeper than just finances. Have you put time or energy into something you love?  Do you mentor your children?  If so, you have invested your time in hopes that it will pay dividends in the future - that you or your loved ones will reap some kind of benefit from the time and energy you have invested into them. 

At Liftoff Capital, we know there are different kinds of investments and they all have value. When you list as an investor with us, we promise you three things:

  1. You will never have to pay a dime to Liftoff Capital. You may find companies that you want to invest in, whether it’s a new Blockchain developer, or a bakery down the road, but Liftoff Capital will cost you nothing but the smallest amount of time it takes to register. 
  2. Your identity is protected. Our entrepreneurs can’t see you or make cold calls to you, but you can see them. 
  3. A new world of investment opportunity awaits. Whether you want to see a better return on your portfolio, or you simply want to mentor a company into success, Liftoff Capital will open your eyes to an abundance of business oportunities. 

You are already an investor! Join us at Liftoff Capital and open your eyes to a world of possibilities!

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