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Do I need to pay before I register?

Registration for all profile types is free.

Who can see updates in my newsfeed?

Anyone who chooses to follow you.

Can I change the type of my Profile in the future?

No you will have to register a new profile.

How can I deactivate my account?

You can deactivate your profile in Settings-General. Your profile will be stored in our data base, so you can activate it at any time.

Will my email and phone number be shown in my profile?

No. Your email and phone number are used by Liftoff Capital to send Notifications to you.

Can I unsubscribe from notifications on my email?

Yes. You can do this by going to settings - notification management.

What does "Votes" mean?

Votes are simply likes or dislikes to your posts, comments or profile. Positive votes can increase your Liftoff score.

What does Liftoff do for my startup?

Liftoff Capital is designed to match the right investors to entrepreneurs and business oportunities. Liftoff Capital is much more than just a matchmaking service, however. By listing your company or idea with Liftoff Capital, you are building a home base including a homepage, that provides potential investors all the information they want in a standardized format. Whether you’re hoping to open a new pizza franchise or you’ve just designed the next space shuttle propulsion system, Liftoff Capital can organize your investment needs and find the perfect investors and mentors for your project.

Why can’t I contact investors directly?

In order to keep our investors engaged, we allow them to decide which investment oportunities are right for them. This system keeps investors from being overwhelmed by “cold calls,” and frees up their time to focus on the entrepreneurs and ideas that best fit their investment profiles. Investors can reach out to you directly via our internal messaging and notification system.

Does Liftoff Capital take a cut of any investments made in my business?

Unlike other companies that work in the venture capital space, Liftoff Capital will never ask for a percentage of your investment. In fact, if investors are noticing your business, we will provide you with additional exposure via our newsfeed to help generate your next investment.

Why do I have to pay to list my start-up with Liftoff Capital?

While other companies in the start-up space want a commission for any investment they generate, we recognize that those commission fees are prohibitively expensive. Every dollar that a start-up company can generate in investment counts. For a low monthly fee, we are able to find those important investment oportunities without ever charging you a commission.

Does Liftoff Capital offer any templates such as Business Plan Writing, Non Disclosure Agreements, Executive Summary, to help me get started?

Yes - templates are available to all entrepreneurs via our website. You will be directed towards our templates as you navigate through the sign-up process.

How Can I increase reach / exposure?

You can increase your reach and exposure by utilizing the tools to increase your Liftoff score. Remember the higher the Liftoff score the more investment ready you are.

Factors that influence Liftoff score?

To maximize your Liftoff score you need to all of these things. Your profile and start up settings are all filled in, you have a business plan, you post updates regularly and you are followed by an Investor. The last one is the hardest but the better prepared you are the more likely you will be followed.

How I can get investment?

Remember Liftoff Capital can't guarantee you investment, however by maximizing your Liftoff score and working smart and hard you may be able to make a deal.

How can I apply an institutional license promo code?

You will need to choose Institutional subscription and a period you want to subscribe for and then proceed to the order confirmation page where you will be able to apply a promocode to get price with discount.

How long will I get an institutional license subscription with discount?

As long as the primary institutional license is valid your sublicense will be available at a discount.

What is the difference between basic subscription and institutional license subscription?

A basic subscrition is designed for one start up. An institutional license is designed for 20 sub-licenses under one license.

How can I pay for my subscription?

You can pay with Visa and Pay Pal. You choose the period you wish to pay for. We'll send you a notifications 1 week prior your subscription expiring.

Why is my listing not featured on the home page after I activated it?

Your Ad may not show up if the current cost per click is higher than maximum cost per click you setup in your ads management panel.

What are the benefits of a premium subscription for entrepreneurs?

Premium subscribers will have priority in search results and the ability to activate featured Ad.

Can I upgrade my subscription plan in future?

Yes. First you need to unsubscribe from your current subscription plan then activate a new subscription plan for the period you want.

Can I unsubscribe from my subscription?

Yes. Settings - Subscriptions

What types of advertisement are available for entrepreneurs?

You can purchase featured ads on home screen and search results, ads in newsfeed, promo articles in our blog that will be reposted to all our social networks.

Will automatic payments be charged to my card after profile deactivation?

Payments will continue after profile deactivation as we keep your profile to make it easy to reactivate. You need to UNSUBSCRIBE to cease payments.

Do Investors pay for Liftoff services?

Investors are key to liftoff capital success. You will never be charged for your ananomys proifile.

Who can view investors profile?

Investor profiles are always locked. Only the investor can chose who to share their profile with by following them.

What is the difference between following startup and adding it to favorites?

Following a profile gives you up to the minute updates on that start ups progress. Adding to favorites simply gives periodic updates on the profile.

Will entrepreneurs see information in my Investors profile?

NO. You have full control of what you want to be public and private.

Can I subscribe to receive updates about start ups I am interested in?

Yes you can subscribe for email and sms notifications about new startups that match your search criteria.

What Liftoff score means?

A Liftoff score is a number that indicates investment readiness. The higher the score the more investment ready the start up.

How can I organize a deal?

As an Investor you and ONLY YOU can reach out to an entrepreneur directly. Liftoff Capital is simply an environment to facillitate the meeing - On Your Terms!

What types of advertisement are available for investors?

Investors can buy ads in news feed, promo articles in our blog that will be reposted to all our social networks.

How do I advertise with Liftoff Capital?

It’s as simple as clicking this button! To contact our executive team please use following email We can direct your ad to the users who are most likely to use your product or service (for example an accounting firm in Bangor, Maine may choose to advertise locally - we can do that!)

What benefits are available for users/advertisers profiles on the website

Users and Advertisers have the benefit of potentially connecting and networking with thousands of entrepreneurs and other users. You can also setup targeted advertisement to generate interest in your project.

Do I need to pay to activate my profile?

Registration for all profile types is free.

What types of advertisement are available for users/ advertisers?
You can create ads in our news feed and promo articles in our blog that will be reposted to all our social networks.
How can I pay for ads?

You can pay for your ads with Visa/debit and PayPal.

Whom can I target

You can target entrepreneurs, investors or all of our users.

Can I track statistics?

Yes you can track the number of views and impressions and daily expenditures.

Can I advertise in Liftoff blog?

Yes to order a custom article please send us a request at