How it works

Liftoff Capital optimizes Investor to Entrepreneur matchmaking. Every business, whether it’s a new corner bakery or the intellectual property for the next space shuttle engine design, needs investment to be realized. Liftoff Capital can help bring a business idea to market.

By guiding our Liftoff entrepreneurs through a step-by-step business development process, we can bring a start-up business from conception to investor readiness. An established business looking to expand can also benefit from building a Liftoff Capital profile.

For Businesses Seeking Capital

Once an entrepreneur has listed their business, we use our tailored matchmaking algorithm to expose their venture to investors who might otherwise never see them. Matchmaking algorithms like ours have revolutionized the dating scene. We are doing the same for investment connections.
Think of Liftoff Capital as a dating site for entrepreneurs and investors.

our benefits for entrepreneurs

For Investors

For investors, Liftoff Capital offers exposure to a world of opportunities. Investors can browse for their next project in complete anonymity, without having to worry about cold calls from entrepreneurs that don’t match their needs. When a new listing matches your investment profile, Liftoff Capital will notify you. You are in control of your own privacy. Liftoff Capital recognizes the value you bring to our ecosystem, and will never charge you a cent for listing with us, nor will we divulge your contact information. We leave that up to you!

our benefits for investors

For Service Providers

For advertisers, Liftoff Capital offers a targeted, high-yield, low cost marketing opportunity. Reach thousands of entrepreneurs and investors who need your services!

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