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Liftoff Capital is more than just a matchmaking service.

We help each of our Liftoff Capital entrepreneurs develop their business idea. As an entrepreneur becomes increasingly investment-ready, their Liftoff Score will improve, giving an easy reference for our investors.

We recognize that Investors are our premium users. Not only is your membership as an investor free, but we will also protect your identity and contact information. You are in control of when, where and how you approach entrepreneurs.

Follow the opportunities that interest you. We will notify you when new entrepreneurs matching your investment profile list with Liftoff Capital. We will also give you updates on the progress of Liftoff entrepreneurs you are following.

Browse thousands of listings, and find new investment opportunities you might not see otherwise. Search for Liftoff Entrepreneurs using our points of compatibility drop-down menu, and discover a whole world of best investment opportunities online!

Money Matters! We will never take a cut of the investment you make in a Liftoff Capital Entrepreneur. 100% of your investment is preserved!

for Investors
A world of opportunity knocks!
Find the perfect investment opportunities!
We do not take a cut of your investment. 100% of your investment goes to the business! Money matters! Don’t waste it on brokerage fees!
Your identity is protected until you make contact with an entrepreneur!
You control the conversation
Find opportunities you would never otherwise see
Our Liftoff Score helps you decide when a business is investment-ready!
Let us do the heavy lifting!
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