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Using our step-by-step process, we at Liftoff Capital will organize and help develop your idea to make it “investment ready.”

Looking for investors to invest in your business? Watch your Liftoff Score increase as you build your profile, and give your business an online home. Our standardized format makes investing in your business easy. Use our templates to simplify the business-building process. We will ensure that you don’t miss a step.

Through our matchmaking algorithm, get your business idea to the perfect investors. The barriers to investment have been torn down!

We will never take a cut of the investment you earn! We know that money matters.

Your idea is safe! Using our tracking algorithm, we know who has viewed your profile. We will remind you along the way to protect your trade secrets. Investors can find you through our matchmaking algorithm, or by simply browsing the site. Either way, your business idea will get exposure! Potential investors can follow you and watch your business grow. They will be anonymous until they reach out to you. Keep your contact information up to date!

Get your business featured on the Liftoff Capital newsfeed. Keep updating your Liftoff Capital profile, and your Liftoff blog. The more action we see, the more exposure you get!

Take advantage of our Liftoff Partners, and get discounts on products and services every entrepreneur needs! Through the Liftoff Capital ecosystem, meet and follow other entrepreneurs and mentors. The rising tide lifts all boats!

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If you have a business idea, you are an entrepreneur!
Expose your business to a world of potential investors!
Use our simple step-by-step process to get your business investment-ready
Give your business idea a new online home!
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Follow other entrepreneurs and learn from one another. The rising tide lifts all boats!
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how it works for entrepreneurs
step 1
Sign in and use our template system to describe your business
step 2
Track Liftoff Score and use our tips to increase it
step 3
Get visibility in search and receive inquries from potential investors
step 4
Use Liftoff Advertising to expose your business to a targeted market
step 5
Find funding and launch or expand your business!
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