Startups in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

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FurrEver Friends
Jessie Smith FurrEver Friends My project is to help animals find homes within the city so less animals get sent to anima...
Saint John, NB, Canada
Maritime Aquatics
Curtis Baird Maritime Aquatics We are Saint John's first aquarium installation and maintenance company. We strive to sour...
Saint John, NB, Canada
Alison Smith Coaching
Alison Smith Alison Smith Coaching ~Preserve their spirit without losing your mind.~ Alison Smith is the founder of this coa...
Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada
Dawson Thibodeau BCSP As days goes by there’s more and more plastic ending up in our oceans , streets literally...
Vektor Vest
Cameron Malco Vektor Vest Vektor vest was an idea I had because of the recent war in Afghanistan. Each day more and...
Saint John, NB, Canada
LJ Arts
Liam Johnson LJ Arts I'm an aspiring freelance comic artist who will tell stories in the form of graphic novels...
Joseph Sznober WheyPops WheyPops is a company that make healthy, refreshing protein ice pops. Think of eating a pr...
Social club
Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada
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Robert Weatherby Undetermined at this time.