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Liftoff Capital (The Liftoff Group Inc) requires the tracking of user data to ensure security for our clients. Data is not shared directly with third parties unless requested by law enforcement.

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Any account suspected of using these tactics will be immediately deleted without warning.

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Liftoff Capital (The Liftoff Group Inc) is a business introduction company and does not assume risk for business interactions subsequent to introductions made through our website or associated websites. By accepting the terms of our privacy policy, users also accept such a waiver as to absolve Liftoff Capital (The Liftoff Group Inc) of wrongdoing, in the event that a detrimental business or investment decision results from an introduction made via our website or associated websites. 

Liftoff Capital (The Liftoff Group Inc) does not promote investment in any individual businesses, and does not screen entrepreneur listings for their risk profile. Similarly we do not screen our investors for their investment credentials. All interactions made subsequent to introductions made via our website or associated websites, are done so at the risk of the involved parties. By accepting the privacy policy / user agreement, the user accepts these conditions.

I understand that all correspondence made with other individuals, businesses and investors is done so at my / our own risk. Caution is advised to confirm the identity of the individual, business or investor with whom I / we communicate.