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Himanshu Saxena 2019-09-27 12:03 PM

Liftoff Capital has helped immensely in paving way for the access to the targeted investors. Jake has been very kind and helpful in directing me to the audience that is most suitable as prospective investors and/or are leaders in the same industry. As an entrepreneur this could be a huge push towards success. Liftoff Capital has been very quick to respond. It understands the sense of urgency that entrepreneurs more often than not require.

Joanna Killen 2019-02-11 12:47 PM

Liftoff Capital has helped us immensely understand our value and where we fit in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. This platform is a simple and seamless way to connect with potential business partner, customers and investors. The meaningful connections you can make here are invaluable to entrepreneurs looking to create real alignment and opportunity for themselves.

Bernadette Fernandes 2019-01-27 11:04 AM

I love everything about Liftoff Capital, mostly how inclusive and valuable they are without any hidden agenda...they're all about connecting the right people, pretty cool! Any question you may have is immediately addressed...Dr. Jake Swan is a personal favorite.

Amanda Betts 2019-01-18 11:19 AM

I just had a conversation with Jake Swan from Liftoff Capital. I was extremely impressed with the angles he saw for my business. Our company is at that critical place to scale, there's lots of stress and strategy that happening, it was great to talk to him- it has totally fueled the engines once more for Liftoff. If you haven't reached out and signed up to Liftoff I highly recommend taking the time to do so. This is an incredible organization that is strictly here to help and trust me you feel it! So sign up and tell someone else to sign up- did I mention it's free?!?!?! We support him and his efforts by signing up- let's show our appreciation for people who are helping us entrepreneurs move our companies forward. Trust me you feel it!